Four Mobility Products That Can Help Day-To-Day

Mobility ProductsFinding the right mobility products for yourself or a family member can sometimes feel like a challenge. It’s all about identifying the items that will help you each and every day, but also ones that are built to last but yet don’t cost the earth. Mobility products should make tasks such as getting to the shops, or making a cup of tea, easier. They should also provide comfort and reassurance where necessary. I have personal experience trying to identify the most useful mobility products so I thought I’d share a few of these with you now. Here are four such products that can help day-to-day.

Bath cushion

Firstly I believe a bath cushion can be essential for those who are less able to move around easily. This saves you from having to refit the bathroom immediately to cater to your mobility needs as it can be an expensive job. In the long run you might look at installing a wet room or a bathtub that has a handy door on it. For now though, the bath cushion allows you to lower yourself into the bath slowly, have a certain amount of back support, and then simply rise back up once you are done in order for you to get out of the bath.Bath cushion

Lightweight walker

Next, I’d like to highlight the benefits of a lightweight walker as it can be so helpful both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to walk instead of using a scooter, a walker can be the perfect accompaniment for your trips to the shops and further afield. Walkers with wheels are simple to push, and lightweight folding models are ideal for fitting in the boot of the car or on public transport. Some walkers also have a seat that can be so useful when you aren’t close to a bench when you’re out and about. A short sit down can be the difference between spending a great day out or having to go home early.Lightweight walker

Powered wheelchairs

For those that need them, it is possible to get powered wheelchairs at great prices from a number of retailers. Like most mobility products, these powered wheelchairs come in a range of specifications such as speed, range in miles, rear or mid wheel drive, and the number of wheels. You’ll be able to choose something that is most suited to your mobility needs, as well as budget.Powered wheelchairs

Kettle tipper

As a Brit, it’s likely that you’ll love a good cup of tea just as much as I do. This shouldn’t have to change when you are less able to move around and hold heavier items. This is why I recommend a kettle tipper. This item is very reasonable in price, but in my opinion is priceless for the independence it can give you. Basically, you place your kettle in the holder and secure it with velcro. You’ll then be able to tip your kettle without actually carrying the weight of the kettle. You can then refill the kettle with a jug or a cup.Kettle tipper

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