Basic Steps for Creating a Baby Shower Invitation Using Adobe Photoshop

There are several methodologies to produceinteresting invitations. You can also choose from homemade crafts and it can even be prepared with a software application. Photoshop can be considered as one of the best software for creating well-designed baby invitations.

In order to make best use of Photoshop, you need to know the graphics and elements that should be included in the invitation. And, you just need to have basic understanding of Photoshop, and not necessarily be an expert to create such invites.

Steps for Creating Baby Shower Invitation

Creating Baby Shower Invitation

Create a New File – To start with designing baby invitation, you need to create a new file. You can do this by choosing ‘New File’ option from toolbar navigation.

Use Common Specs that can be Replicated Easily – Your file should have universal specifications to ensure that it could be duplicated easily. Once you’re done designing, you must place at least 4 copies on each page for printing.

Turn On the rulers on Page – It helps in ensuring that all elements on page are accurate. You can turn the rulers on by going to toolbar and then navigating to “Show rulers” and clicking on the “View” option.

Creating a Baby Shower Invitation

Prepare a Guide – Before you start, make sure that you prepare a guide, which can be done by clicking and then dragging down the ruler on to the page.

Come Up With a Theme – Now, you can place text as well as pictures. Start creating better catchphrases or good titles. It’s time to research, and come up with a good theme, which is thoughtful, elegant, and eye-catching.

Getting the Color Combinations Right – Make sure that colours don’t clash with each other. For writing a great title for the invite, you just need to click on the text tool bar on the page’s right side.

Create an Outline - Shift cursor to the page and then draw an outline with the help of mouse. Type your word selection and then put the remaining portion of text on the page’s left hand side. Generate more text boxes as per your requirement. Text boxes should be of smaller font when compared with the text included in the title.

Creating a Baby Shower Invitation

Add the image – You can use the picture box on the right side of the page. “Place” the text inside picture box. You can also select image from the file where you have saved the pre-chosen photo.

Pick arrow from tool bar – You need to click and hold all the elements present on the baby shower invitation. You can click CTRL+G for assembling all these individual elements into a single converged invitation.

Creating Copies and Printing the Invitations -. You can also select graphics and then press CTRL+C for copying the entire image. Then, move mouse to the page’s bottom and then press CTRL+V for pasting. You can then continue the same process to include more number of invitations on one page. Afterwards, you can print the invitation. And, that’s it – you’ve just created your own baby shower invitation!

If you want more ideas for baby shower invitations, you can take a quick look at different magazines as well.

Author Bio:- Nick Spooner is a web graphic designer who loves creativity in photography. He enjoys experimenting with different graphic designing software’s in web.

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